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Women Hoping to Make a Difference in Crypto

Women Hoping to Make a Difference in Crypto

In a new crypto-world that is dominated by men – the bitcoin community is now over 91 percent men – women are starting groups and are encouraging others to study and get involved. Several articles have appeared in the US that interview women who come from all backgrounds of life and are now writing about or trading cryptocurrencies. One investor in crypto, Shanah Walton commented that there are males and husbands and significant others who are active in this space “but it`s just easy for us to get involved.”

“The more and the more that are getting into this space, the more excited they get and they understand that at first that it`s easy” said Erika Mouynes, a partner at Pixbae, a fintech advisory firm, who spoke at a monthly get together. One member at the meeting was quoted as saying that her primary goal was to promote diversity in this space. Some make the point that it is easy while others say there are barriers – but did not state specifically what barriers. And one member of the meeting made a comment that crypto was a 24 hour market so it allows her to work at home after the kids go to bed. 

We are Classiarius just attended a meeting in Tokyo, and we saw more than a few Chinese and Japanese women promoting crypto at all levels, some being senior members of crypto teams at start-ups and others, in the case of several Chinese women, owners of crypto and blockchain start-ups.

Of course we support such start-ups and hope to work with these Japanese and Chinese entrepreneurs as they are clearly at the cutting edge, and in many cases rising to the top quickly. They exemplify the Asian work ethic, enjoying success despite being at a clear disadvantage as they run into challenges in Tokyo and Beijing in male dominated societies, starting from a clear disadvantage to women in the West.

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