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Wikipedia Co-Founder Slams Zuckerberg, Twitter and Social Media, Our Views

Wikipedia Co-Founder Slams Zuckerberg, Twitter and Social Media, Our Views

The co-founder of Wikipedia, Larry Sanger, said in an interview that he is not happy with the how the internet has evolved, saying “it`s appalling frankly” as he became very specific in his views. He specifically pointed out Facebook and Twitter, saying that these companies are exploiting personal data to make profits, at the expense of users. “They can shape your experience, they can control what you see, when you see it an you become essentially a cog in their machine,” he said.

This piece was sourced from CNBC, in an article attributed to Elizabeth Schulze. Despite the growing scrutiny of Big Tech by governments and regulators around the world, Sanger is not convinced legislation is the best solution for reining in companies – again specifically focusing on Facebook and Twitter. Still there are many issues to discuss here. The relative strength of these firms is of course shockingly high – they tend to beat China and the EU in many areas. However…….what does that mean? 

Our Views: Of course, both Facebook and Twitter must decide if they are public platforms like utilities or telephones, or are they publishers who are responsible for content, are they they involved in editorial practices. Which is it? Or in our view, it could be that the threat of China is so strong that the US government is giving them a free pass, allowing them to do R&D to outspend China for the future of tech. It is possible. 



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