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What is a Necrocracy? The Leader is Dead

What is a Necrocracy? The Leader is Dead

North Korea is now firing missiles to taunt the US, South Korea and Japan as military exercises have started – note that President Trump shut down military exercises at one point last year. The exercises conducted on a regular schedule between the US and South Korea have added to the stress levels of the North Korean regime for decades. Leader-for-life Kim Jong-un, the Swiss educated son and grandson of the previous leaders of North Korea, is now in attack mode as he launches short-range missiles near Japan.

Japanese Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya has said that the launches pose “grave threats and a serious matter to our country.” Japan has been patient with the North Koreans for decades, even as crimes have come to light that the regime has kidnapped many Japanese citizens, since the the 1970s. US Defense Chief Mark Esper, arrived in Tokyo, according to the Japan Times piece that we sourced this comment from (Jesse Johnson), has arrived in Tokyo and said that the US will not over-react. The launches are still going on and the verbal attacks are still flowing.

Our Views: The North Korean leaders starting with Kim Il-sung, the hero of the nation and founder – he was the first president and is still the Great Leader – had been hostile to Japan and the US. His son, Kim Jong-il passed away in 2011 and was called The Dear Leader, and is said to be responsible for attacks and kidnappings of South Korean movie stars and actresses. Keep in mind that Kim Il-sung passed away in 1994 and is officially still running the state and has become the Eternal Leader which makes North Korea a Necrocracy. 



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