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Warren Buffett Warns Trump on Trade War with China

Warren Buffett Warns Trump on Trade War with China

The market guru, the Sage of Omaha, and all the interesting names that follow Mr Warrent Buffett are well deserved and of course earned over a 50 year period of investing. Mr Buffett, a man who never seems alarmed or worried, made a comment that we should all, in the very least, take under consideration. Mr Buffett warned President Donald Trump that a full-blown trade war with China will be bad for the US, China and of course the entire world.

This was in response to the comments by Trump over the weekend that he may slap on 25% tariffs on $325 billion of goods, a comment that sent US equity markets tumbling and of course, the Chinese market, falling over 5%. The US markets are now pricing in “Trump talk” to the equity sell-off was short-lived.

Buffett said that Trump is making a “nuclear threat” that may bring China to the table, but it is impossible to predict the outcome because these two leaders – Trump and Xi – are used to getting their way. Both Buffett and his partner Munger had comments about Trump, China, trade and IPOs and stocks.

One interesting point was the comment by Mr Buffett who said he does not favor IPOs. He said that he has not bought share in an IPO for Berkshire Hathaway in 54 years. He feels that he does not want to buy anything that everyone has an incentive to sell – and that is what an IPO is and does.

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