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Warren Buffet, Capitalism and Lifetime Investing

Warren Buffet, Capitalism and the Lifetime Investing

Here at Classiarius we continue to discuss a wide range of ideas from George Friedman, Ian Bremmer, Peter Zeihan, as well as those from the long list of thought leaders from Tokyo, to Tel Aviv, to San Francisco. We have mentioned Warren Buffett on several occasions as he seems to be seeing and understanding trends that will be “in the news” three to five years from today. He appeared in several of our pieces on Apple and other investments.

However, one point that few talk about is his energy. We focus on facts and ideas, or the other point of view but this past weekend, he hosted what many call the “Woodstock for Capitalists” in Omaha, which is a weekend of 40,000 visitors from around the planet for Berkshire Hathaway`s annual meeting. There are comments in the press about his support for capitalism, his love of capitalism and his views on energy and other ideas. However, only want to point out that he has the energy of a young man.

We feel no need to talk about his age in this piece as it has no meaning to him now his followers. He is the perfect example of what our grandmothers reminded us when we where young, “healthy body, healthy mind.” Seriously, how many of wish we could live like this gentleman. He has the energy of 40 years old man, and the mind of a giant ! Please look at all the news sources as there are many great articles about Omaha, Mr Buffett and his views on Capitalism – some are actually funny.


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