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Venezuelan Military and Political Leaders – Threats and Defections

Venezuelan Military and Political Leaders - Threats and Defections

Right now the President of Venezuela, President Maduro, is being supported by Russia, China and Cuba, all supporting a Socialist government that, like others in the past 50 years in Latin America are trying to throw the US off balance. Then you have Mr Guaido who is recognized by the US and Canada as well as many other countries, but he has no real power in the country just yet. The swing in power can only be enacted by the Venezuelan military and this could get messy. Both sides are lined up and throwing threats with some military leaders suddenly defecting to the Guaido side. Currently the United States is holding talks, informal, with the Venezuelan military, and opposition leader Juan Guaido who proclaimed himself interim president last month.

According to sources a special forces team allowed some of the body guards of Mr Juan Guaido to escape, allowing him more freedom to travel and gain support. These special forces were recaptured and their fate is unknown, but it does not take a lot of imagination to know that they are in a world of trouble. Right now the key question is just who will control the assets? Major European countries have joined the United States in backing the Guaido team but have stopped short of sweeping oil sanctions and financial measures that the United States has already imposed. Europe is adding pressure but not at the levels the US has implemented.

The US government is now weighing sanctions against Cuba as it has been supporting the Venezuelan government on all levels. Right now, only one of the top 2,000 generals in the Maduro government has shown support for the opposition leader. Guaido has actively said that he will give amnesty and preferential legal treatment to those who disavow Maduro and disobey his orders. Right now, its not having much impact on their actions.

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