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Venezuela Sees Economic Collapse, Riots, and US Military Bases?

Venezuela Sees Economic Collapse, Riots, and US Military Bases?

On March 19, President Trump of the United States and President Jair Bolsanaro will meet in Washington DC to discuss a series of issues including the next steps to support the Venezuelan government and its transition. Of course the new Brazilian President will discuss trade issues, military ties and address a host of other key points between the two allies. According to the White House, Mr Bolsonaro and Mr Trump will have a frank discussions including one request from the US side to open US military bases in Brazil, President Bolsanaro is still reviewing this request.

But why would the United States place military bases in Brazil? This is the key question that many of us wanted answered. Well, when we look back at 2018, it became apparent that President Putin secretly had massive, the largest they build, Russian strategic bombers flown into Venezuela. Clearly Putin is trying to provoke the US and Mr Trump is taking the bait in a big way. In addition to the strategic bombers, they are called the TU-160 or Blackjack Bombers (NATO code name) the Russians have brought in other planes for joint military exercises with the Venezuelan Air Force.

With the flashpoint being the collapse of the current government of Venezuelan Socialist, Nicolas Maduro, tensions are high and Putin will only add fuel to the fire by bringing in food, water, oil drilling equipment and more shockingly, a host of military assets that are nuclear capable – these TU 160 bombers are nuclear capable and can be used to launch weapons that will easily reach Washington DC, so the response is for Trump to play a game of chess with President Putin.

Trump was one of the first world leaders to call Mr Bolsanaro to wish him luck on his landslide victory in the Brazilian elections. Some news organizations in Brazil, suggested that the new firebrand leader is the “Trump of the Tropics” and the possible personality fit will be just right. We will find out on 19 March, when the two sit down and compare notes on solutions for trade and of course Venezuela.

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