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Venezuela – Military Standoff, Hunger and Failed State

Venezuela - Military Standoff, Hunger and Failed State

The verbal assaults by the opposition leader, Juan Guaido on Saturday were more toxic than ever as he asked his envoy to develop a relationship with the US military. It is now clear that Mr Guaido, who declared himself leader in January, wants to force Nicolas Maduro to resign. According to several press releases and sources, Mr Guido has asked for “direct communications” toward a possible military coordination, but we do not know that he actually means by that. 

This fast-escalating crisis is now turning the country into a failed state with reports of people eating from trash cans, children suffering from curable diseases and even some small children dying from malnutrition. However with both China and Russia supporting Mr Maduro on several levels, it is clear that the US has limited options when dealing with Guaido as he, unlike the Maduro faction, does not have a military on the ground that could make things happen.

As we all know, the military could change the outcome but the risks for both sides could mean casualties, many deaths …. maybe this can be avoided.

Mr Guido has asked the Venezuelan military to support him but he seems to be too inexperienced to make such a sudden change – many in the military had no interest in supporting this start-up politician and for the new future, it is clear that the top generals will support Mr Maduro. Hence the requests to have direct contact with US generals. 

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