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Venezuela Crisis – Oil and Gold Trading Shut Down

Venezuela Crisis - Oil and Gold Trading Shut Down

The crisis has come to the point of no return as world powers are now being advised by the Lima Group to stop trading oil, gas, gold and other assets to shut down the Maduro government. This is clearly the begging of the end for the Maduro regime, one that has support from China and Russia. The oil rich, cash poor country has been suffering from years of corruption and mismanagement of billions of dollars of assets – mainly oil and gold – while the average citizen has lost 7 kilograms of body weight in what some aid organizations are calling a humanitarian crisis. Recently the concern is growing that some of these issue can only be solved by a complete collapse of government and the rebuilding of society from the ground up. The country has seen some of its institutions crumble under the weight of a state that is not functioning properly.

The United States and other major powers have recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as the legitimate interim president of Venezuela. Without access or control of state institutions, he cannot govern while Maduro seems to hang on by a thread. Now there is a parallel government, with both leaders seeking support from other countries while keeping an eye on the military.

The Lima Group is an organization set up in 2017 to help Venezuela find a peaceful solution to this country in crisis. This group has 14 members, 11 of which have put their support behind opposition leader Juan Guaido. The month of February will likely decide the next leader as sooner or later the military will likely step in to facilitate an outcome – we hope it is peaceful. 

Currently, Russia and China are sending food to Venezuela in exchange for future shipments of oil. This barter system seems to be keeping the entire population in check, for now. 

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