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The Situation in Venezuela is Horrible

Venezuela - Children Are Starving, Suffering Continues !

Sending money to the Red Cross or any agency that can get food to children is now necessary.

While many expected opposition leader Juan Guaido to successfully encourage high level military leaders to defect to his cause, the shock now is not the number of people who are dying by violence but those dying in homes of starvation. The number of child deaths compared to 2008 has doubled as families are not able to feed their children. The breakdown of distribution systems in the country and the 1 million percent inflation have brought the country to its knees and the standoff between two self-proclaimed Presidents, Nicolas Maduro and Juan Guaido, is starting to become even more tense.

The opposition leader, Mr Juan Guaido, said the he is considering asking the United States for military support to accelerate the fall of the current government. Of course, at this point it is unlikely because both Russia and China continue to support President Maduro, the Socialist Leader who is having trouble keeping the economy and the country afloat. The diet of the average Venezuelan is well below UN standards and as a result, the humanitarian crisis is accelerating. In addition to death by starvation, children are dying of common curable diseases such as: measles, diptheria, and rotavirus diarrhea and pneumonia is increasing is those who are too weak to fight off other diseases.

Some areas are so poor that parents are abandoning their children on the streets to fight for themselves. Some of these problems can be avoided but there are reports that the bad actors in the government are intercepting food that is being sent to the country, and providing it to their families or selling it on the black market. Some Venezuelans are crossing the border into to Colombia for food but Colombian shelters are overwhelmed. More on in the coming days.

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