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US Tech – Another Massive Sell-off – Have They Lost Their Way?

US Tech - Another Massive Sell-off - Have They Lost Their Way?

Here at Classiarius, we have given commentary and have given our editorial opinions on stocks, social media companies, and even in the management staff of Facebook, Twitter and others. As you know, we feel that the sudden and unending success of US social media companies, like most companies that achieve short-term growth are clearly focused in internal issues, not external issues. Their managers are not as worldly as let`s say, IBM, Goldman Sachs and KPMG, all global companies with solid professional classes of managers who have lived and worked overseas for decades.

The inwardly focused teams at social media companies recently had walk-outs recently over sexual misconduct claims by managers. One firm saw 10,000 employees walk out at the same time in 40 offices around the world. Sure, sexual misconduct is wrong and managers who behave this way should be thrown out of the company on their heads if it is proven – forced to give up millions in compensation? Yes of course, this is right.

These firms are focusing on internal social justice and not on free speech and free exchange of ideas – values that they were built on. Are they losing their collective moral compass?

But with regards to many issues on freedom of speech and information sharing, some of these firms are lost and clearly do not know how to respond to changes in markets. As a result, these firms are suffering from renewed stock selling pressure. The Big 5 in US Tech lost a combined $75 million in share value (market cap) last Friday alone. This is a one day loss for these firms.

And this is after Tech has suffered its worst month since the Great Recession – October.

Sure, stocks have been sold as oil prices fall and interest rates rise – many investors are looking for a general slowdown in the US economy. But Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet, and Facebook, the five more valuable US tech names, suffered massive losses – AGAIN.

More on this topic in the coming weeks

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