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US Supreme Court – Christian Cross at WWI Memorial Challenged

US Supreme Court - Christian Cross at WWI Memorial Challenged

At the busy intersection in Maryland stands a 40-foot-tall, 16-ton cross-shaped WWI memorial to veterans who gave their lives in Europe. But its very existence if being questioned before justices next week who will hear arguments over the government maintained structure. Opponents of the structure now say that the monument should be turned over to private ownership and cared for, without input from the government. This structure has been in Bladensburg since 1925 and have not been challenged until recently. The Christian cross is said to be offensive to Muslims and other religious groups so the the Democrats have come up with a solution. The postmodern education of these groups has made some, only the far Left, more radical, and they are saying that all Christian symbols should be taken down, or changed in some way.

They now want to lop off the crossbar of the cross, shaping it into a old Egyptian obelisk. This case is the first to reach the top court since Chief Justice John Roberts took over. Currently, First Amendment rights, freedom of speech, have been talked about in all levels of society as some on the Left want to bring in speech control and implement and enforce so-called “hate speech” laws. Keep in mind that Chief Justice John Roberts has declared himself “the most aggressive defender” of free speech in many interviews.

The government has spent $100,000 on the monument since 1985, a cost that some are now protesting. The American Humanist Association and other humanists challenged the monument, arguing that the government favors Christianity over other religions. The American Legion and the Maryland-National Capital Park Planning Commission are now defending the monument, saying it should stay as it now is. Others fighting for the cross to stay are Ted Cruz of Texas, and 80 members of congress and about 20 senators.

More on this court case in the coming weeks.

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