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US Senate to Vote – Trump Fighting to Keep Government Closed

US Senate to Vote - Trump Fighting to Keep Government Closed

A Republican-backed bill will be voted on Thursday, but note there are actually two bills. One would meet President Trump`s demand regarding the wall and the other would extend funds for closed agencies – keep in mind that some US government workers are going for their second month without a check.

The first bill would meet the demands of the President by allowing $5.7 billion for a wall along the southern border in exchange for temporary protection for young undocumented workers – the so-called illegals. The second bill would extend funding fo rthe agencies that are now closed until February 8. Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell and minority leader Chuck Schumer reported on Tuesday. The 32-day stalemate over the partial shutdown, which has left 800,000 workers without pay for almost two months. Some workers are missing their second check, while others are getting free food – TSA workers are eating free sandwiches from stores in airports. Shocking to think of such a situation.

The Democrat proposal would need the support of 13 Republicans to reach the 60-vote threshold. President Trump has said that he will not approve any bills that did not have a wall component attacked. The Senate approved a short-term funding bill in December that provides funding until 8 February. The Republican-controlled House declined to vote on the measure. The FBI Agents Association has demanded to be paid as they believe that their bureau will be hindered by not being paid. The President, Tom O`Connor demanded that something be done soon.

The TSA or the Transportation Security Administration said that last year at this time 3.1 percent of workers were not at work, while today it was 10.0 percent. Still, the agency said that it screened 1.78 million passengers on Sunday, with only 6.9 percent waiting over 15 minutes. The Democrats are opposed to the wall saying it is a “medieval solution” to a modern day problem.

The next issue is the State of the Union address, will it take place? Some are wondering just what will happen. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi requested that President Trump postpone the speech. According to those close the the White House, Trump could pick another location.

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