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US Leaving Syria But Protection of Kurds is Essential – John Bolton

US Leaving Syria But Protection of Kurds is Essential - John Bolton

The US is pulling 2,000 troops out of Syria as announced on December 19. As part of the deal Turkey will not be allowed to attack Kurdish fighters in northern Syria – Kurds live in Turkey, Syria and Iraq and are 25 million strong without a state. While House national security advisor John Bolton has made it clear to the press that the Kurds are not to be touched. 

The draw down or troops is part of an agreement with Turkey that the Kurds must be protected. During a trip to Jerusalem and Turkey, Bolton tabled the stipulaton as President Trump`s official position and has made it clear that the battle with ISIS has not lost step. Most of ISIS has been taken out and this Islamic Super State will revive but Turkey has, historically, taken over the rest of the region and has ruled with an iron fist.

Trump`s decision to reduce forces in Afghanistan and Syria were deciding factors behind the resignation of former Secretary James Mattis, and US anti-IS head Brett McGurk. They argue that ISIS still a force to be taken seriously and that the US should not leave the region. The Kurds have also been a driving force in the destruction of ISIS and overall control of parts of Syria. Turkey has already launched previous offensives against the Kurds, taking territory. The Kurds see the US pullout as a shock and a betrayal of trust.

There are many US lawmakers as well as Kurds and others in the region who state that ISIS is still a force however, Trump is pulling out anyway.

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