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US-China Trade War, Cold War and a New World Order

Trade War, Cold War and a New World Order

To take all opinions seriously would be a mistake so it is up to us to read and digest all ideas from both the East and West, from the US and China and from Japan, South Korea and other thought leaders in Asia. In a recent conversation a university professor from China, Peking University, who is appealing to countries in the region. “Countries in the region should just follow their instincts and …. do what is right, rather than just reacting to outside pressures,” said Jai Qingguo. The distinguished professor went on to say, “this is  also China`s advice to other countries.” Protectionism is rising, with the “America First” stance under the Trump administration and Brexit crisis in Britain.

The US-China Cold War would obviously increase blocks of countries as the dispute drags on and the rivals and hated pairs of countries start to rise. Mr Jai Qingguo said that few countries subscribe to the concept of protectionism, while most prefer cooperation in security, tech and trade.

It is now said that a new Cold War is here and India, China, Japan and many countries in the region are gearing up for a world that is much like the Cold War of the 1960s and 1970s with the Soviet Union. In our view, the idea of a two Super Power World is fantastic, as it will ensure that China will be a leader as it has deserved to be in that position. 



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