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US Car Theft, Repeat Offender, He`s 9 Years Old

US Car Theft, Repeat Offender, He`s 9 Years Old

Authorities are now concerned about a 9-year old boy who has stolen cars recently, in Grand Island, Nebraska. By stealing 2 cars in three days, this young boy has law enforcement officials concerned that he may get into big trouble – auto accidents in Nebraska are high and 9-year old drivers could make matters worse. In Nebraska law, juveniles can be detained by police but at 11 years old, now younger. So law enforcement took him in, talked to him but were forced to release him right away as holding him would be a violation of his human rights.

Police Chief for the city said that he is concerned as he as never, in his long career, had a situation in which someone “had so much hostility and seriousness” so clearly law enforcement is at a loss. The boy traveled through several traffic lights, was carrying a knife and locked the doors of the vehicle, forcing police to treat this incident, these incidents more seriously. Chief of Police Jim Deuring says that law enforcement has evidence that parents are not enforcing rules on the child to combat his behavior.

Our View: This is case in which the boy must be assigned to social workers who can work with his parents to break these destructive habits. Running traffic lights could cost lives and get this boy killed. Nebraska is a state in which youth are allowed and encouraged to work on farms, even drive tractors or farm equipment. But autos on the street will result in death. Get him social works asap to help him in life and more importantly, get the parents to participate. 



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