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US Border Protection Stored Enough to Kill 794 Million People, Agents in Danger, Our Views

US Border Protection Stored Enough to Kill 794 Million People, Agents in Danger, Our Views

US Customs and Border Protection has seized fentanyl and it is storing so much that there may be a danger to agents. The amount being stored rose from 70 pounds in 2015 to 3,500 points (about 1500 kilos) so far this year and these numbers are climbing. With only 2 milligrams being lethal to most people, this massive amount of toxic chemical can kill up to 794,000,000 humans. Clearly the United States must have system in place to treat people with dignity when apply for US citizenship or request to work in the country. However, open borders (we have had discussions with people in Japan who understand the drug question) can result in flooding a country with illicit drugs, to cause social unrest. When waves of high addictive drugs make their way illegally into the US, it goes right to the African American and Hispanic communities, causing damage that is causing pain and suffering.

Even with tight border controls, enough fentanyl can make its way into the US to kill almost 800 million Americans – so why open the floodgates and target US minority and marginalized communities?

But according to an article on ABC News, the officials inspecting the 62 vaults around the country found cases in which agents handling the powerful narcotic did not have access to naloxone which is a chemical that can reverse the effects of an overdose. US Customs and Border Protection, CBP, are handling more of this toxic narcotic and according to a report, CBP is unnecessarily jeopardizing the lives, health and safety of its staff.

Our Views: The amount of drugs that are crossing borders each year across the globe is increasing. So even looking past the political discussion about open borders for people, countries who are bad actors can flood markets with dangerous drugs and they do this on a regular basis. The fentanyl waves that are flowing into the United States are just a small portion of the global trade and weaponization of drugs. Even here in Japan, we hear about aggressive waves of toxic drugs aimed at Japanese youth on the streets – exported from North Korea, the sworn enemy of Japan. 



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