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US Army and Microsoft – War Goggles for Battlefield

US Army and Microsoft - War Goggles for Battlefield

The US Army has teamed up with Microsoft to build an augmented headset for training soldiers in reality settings. The Army invited CNBC to test the equipment and this piece on Classiarius has sourced from CNBC. 

The new Microsoft product will cost $350 but the Army will not say how much the military version costs, not that Microsoft won a $480 million dollar defense contract that includes this technology called, HoloLens 2. It usually takes 5 to 7 years for contractors to receive a firm decision from the Army and many years of studying and trials. Some of this technology does not get to the field for decades. 

However, the Futures Command entity in Austin, Texas allows large and small US firms, even startups to work with the military in a new and improved way to get technology into the field in much faster cycles. Note that some firms, such as Google, have seen some internal push back from progressive left leaning employees who do not want the company to be involved with military operations. 

Google eventually ended its Maven project with the military….

The current HoloLens that Microsoft has developed for the military is much like “Call of Duty ” a video game that is one of the more popular products in gaming history. However, this new military version has an added thermal imaging. This would be great when it does reach the public as most military technologies eventually do. 

Some of this IVAS technology will be used beyond training and implemented on the battlefield. Microsoft does have some internal issues as Progressives, just out of university will not support the US military …. more from Classisarius in the coming weeks. 

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