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US and China – Tech War and the Surveillance State

US and China - Tech War and the Surveillance State

The US-China trade war has  now moved into a new dimension with the Tech world and specifically the surveillance sector becoming the next core topic. This category of Chinese technology does rely on the US and is in fact, a major export for China. China has built a world class surveillance state at home to better manage its people and it has now exported technology to Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela and Iran as well as other countries. One company is called Hikvision which the US is considering putting on a blacklist as it would limit its ability to acquire American components.

This would bring attention to China as it monitors its own people. If Washington does go ahead with penalties, US Firms will be required to obtain a government license to sell equipment to Hikvision, the New York times reported. This article was sourced from several articles including one from Arjun Kharpal on CNBC. 26 May, 2019. 

China has openly supported the idea of the surveillance state in the Xinjiang region in which it said it ensures social stability. This subject came up last week and one oft start-controlled newspapers said that the US was obsessed with impeding China and its development and growth. China has fought back against US jabs but note that China now has 200,000,000 cameras to watch its people. With 1.386 billion people, that would mean that China has about 1 camera for every 7 people in the country. That is a lot of cameras to keep an eye on the people to ensure social peace and harmony. 

There are a lot of businesses in China that are in the A.I. business but surveillance is their number one business and the Chinese government is their number one customer. Watching the people is important to the Communist Party. Right now the US and China are rivals in some industries with the US leading in robotics and A.I. but that could change soon – clearly these titans will be fighting for global dominance as China has marked 2025 as their date to lead the world. 

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