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US 2020 Election and Democratic Governors Warn of Far Left Positions, Our Views

US 2020 Election and Democratic Governors Warn of Far Left Positions, Our Views

The US is now in a bitter culture war, one that focuses on the Far Left, the Squad and the new face of the Democratic Party versus the less fragmented Republican Party that seems to lose its way now and then, reluctantly supporting Trump even when he tells people to go back to their own county. Even Americans on American soil – they are in their own country. The inconvenient reality of the new group of Congresswomen, led by Alexandria Acasio-Cortez, means that Pelosi is now marginalized and following the pack. The Far Left has pulled the entire party with it, with Joe Biden now using identity politics in every speech, following the lead of AOC and her team of young Turks.

We can clearly see that more and more of the core Democrats are becoming supporters of the Far Left with the key vocabulary built in to every public speaking engagement. Now governors are about their party in 2020 and presidential candidates who are adopting Far Left placing down-ballot candidates at risk. “I do not think that is good policy and good politics, ” Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raymond said, according to the New York Times. Note that this article was sourced from a Washington Examiner piece. Now the New Mexico Gov. Michell Lujan Grisham echoed Raymond, saying, “I think it scares people.” Now Both Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Sen Elizabeth Warren, support ending private insurance. Joe Biden is opposed to ending private insurance outright and supports a plan that is similar to Obamacare. 

Our Views: The pull to the Far Left of the party is shocking the normal voters into asking the direction of the Democrat Party. AOC and Omar cannot be ignored, they are a true force. Harris, Sanders and Warren are following the Far Left and this might send middle ground Democrats to the Republican Party. 



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