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UK Brexit – US Takes Hard Line with UK

UK Brexit - US Takes Hard Line with UK

Content from this article came from the FT, UK and Agricultural Products, James Politi. 

While the British press struggles with holding the politically accepted narrative together, the Labour Party implodes and PM May fights new battles each week, the US has suddenly taken an aggressive stance with the UK as it prepares for a post-Brexit world. The Trump administration has made it clear that it now wants guarantees that US farmer have access to its markets and that it will not manipulate its currency in the future. In addition to the US – UK deal, there is no speculation that the UK will sign a separate deal with China that could trigger the US and allow it, as the terms of trade state, to ditch the UK deal.

The office of the US Trade Representative, Robert Lighthizer, on Thursday released its “negotiating objectives” for a possible trade deal with the UK, with an underlying message that the British will not get a better deal than with other US allies. Once thought to be the best US relationship, the special relationship was the term used for many year, the US and UK are now hitting  difficult period in their post-WWII relationship.

According to this article, this request for access to the UK market for agricultural products just may be a highly charged request that the US has put forth thus far. The EU is not willing to add agricultural products to its talks with the US, simply because it would trigger a backlash from member states. So it is now clear the the UK and US will focus on agriculture in bilateral talks. This could be rather challenging negotiations. Currency discussions and specifically manipulation have  historically been handled outside of trade negotiations but Trump has now injected these discussions into the UK, EU as well as trade talks with Japan and China. 

As the global order collapses, as the Bretton-Woods System melts down into global chaos, trade talks with the US will be a challenge for the Trump Administration. 

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