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Twitter and Facebook – The Owners Look Defeated !

Twitter and Facebook - The Owners Look Defeated !

Are the owners of these two firms, Facebook and Twitter, now moving into self-destruct mode because they do not see a clear picture for their firms in the future, or they see the government coming in and slapping anti-trust suits on them which would put them in long and complicated legal battles.

I get the feeling that they see that they are part of a system that has spun out of control, and that they have allowed their egos to take over. Think about the arrogance that one needs to say that he or she has the right to control free speech on the internet. The very idea trespasses on the US Constitution and the First Amendment.

They both look like they have defeat written on their faces, they look tired and seem to be nervously waiting for change – radical change to their companies. Keep reading. 

But the recent comments by these two San Francisco titans demonstrate that they are unsure or they do to care anymore. Jack Dorsey may fall into the “do not care” group while Zuckerberg falls into the “fear” group because there are now US political figures who want to dismantle his company and break it into smaller pieces.

The US government cannot dictate to these companies what speech is and how it is interpreted but if they do not comply with anti-trust rules they – preventing the speech of competitors  by shutting down competition – are exposing themselves to the law. Remember what happened to Bill Gates back in 2001? 

We at Classiarius feel that these firms have skirted the law and in some cases – Facebook – has broken some rules that deal with privacy and information that absolutely should not be sold. Both of these idea leaders as they were once called, are looking more defeated each day and it is only a matter of time before they have less control over their own companies. Change is coming soon. 




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