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Trump Under Attack for Comments on Baltimore, Our Views

Trump Under Attack for Comments on Baltimore, Our Views

There is a code in the US in which Americans openly discuss cities that they dislike, many times in the context of rival sports teams. New Yorkers tend to enact shade on Boston, especially when top sports teams are playing. In hockey the fine city of Chicago will see its fans openly castigate other towns such as L.A., New York or St Louis. This is how America vents it frustration. And of course the US main stream media supports the narrative, especially when aggressive language is used. However, it is not considered very American with the president of the United States starts to verbally attack senators and congressmen or women and tie in their districts.

This week President Trump took on the city of Baltimore and its congressman Elijah Cummings and half of the city of Baltimore which he represents using the term “rat and rodent infested.” The vitriolic criticism that has been launched at President Trump spread across the nation and one thing is abundantly clear, the word racist has been used more in the past 48 hours than anytime in US history. The top Democrat in Congress, Nancy Pelosi, accused Trump of a “racist” attack on a champion of civil rights and economic justice.

Our View: Of course, every member of every city is proud of his and her city. Looking at the historical architecture of Boston, New Orleans and San Francisco is one reason to compliment the people of those fine cities. The dynamic pace of New York and the economic strength of Chicago along with food cultures of San Antonio, Dallas, Miami and New Orleans. However for those of us who travel around the world, it is transparently obvious that many US cities are turning into cities like the developing world, with homeless and sometime mentally ill people walking the streets that have been called outdoor toilets. San Francisco has a human waste problem that is only increasing, with Seattle right behind it in homeless and human waste in the streets. Americans do not like to be reminded that their cities are sometimes crime infested and rate infested but for those who travel to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Zurich and 100 major cities around the world, the state of the average city in the US is shocking. What Trump said is ridiculous but despite being a wonderful city with fantastic food, Baltimore has problems with crime and drugs, just like New Orleans, Seattle and Miami. When has a US president spoken about the filth in some of these cities? How can Americans clean up their cities if they pretend there is no problem? 



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