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Trump Threatens Turkey on Missiles – Putin Looks On

India Tells Pakistan - Get Ready for a Missile Strike

Turkish leader will focus on his plan to buy missiles from Russia, building a defense system outside of the European Union and the United States, a surprise as Turkey is a member of NATO.

Turkey`s President Recap Tayyip Erdogan said the his country would ignore threats from the Trump Administration or any warnings from external sources and continue forward to buy military hardware from Russia. 

Mr Erdogan made it crystal clear that he will not let the US have any influence on its purchases and procurement of the S-400 antiaircraft defense system supplied as one of the best on the market.

The US has voiced concern since 2017 when Turkey announced that it is working with Russian advisors after purchasing the S-400 antiaircraft system and as it purchased the F-35 multi-purpose jets from the United States. The Russians could have access to US technology that will, in the future, allow Russia to counter US threats. 

Bilateral relations have improved since August of 2018, but now that these missile purchase is becoming reality, the Trump Administration is suggesting that it will challenge the Turkish President on several levels. With Turkey marshaling the second largest army in NATO, behind the US, there are a lot of areas that Russia would show interest. 

Having Russia close to US military technology will be a growing concern to the Trump White House and of course future administrations as protecting US technology is paramount. If Turkey does move forward on more Russian military equipment, there is no path to de-escalate US – Turkish tensions. 

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