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Trump Threatens to Close Mexican Border – Economic Pain Will Result

Trump and the Fed Will Battle, Job Market is Too Strong

President Donald Trump has now taking the threat to close the border to the main stream press. After being cleared by the Mueller investigation which was supported by the AG, he now seems to be on a powerful drive to get his agenda to the public. Many political leaders, university professors and economists have warned that there could be economic fallout and that such a move would block incoming shipments of fruits and vegetables. Also, TVs, medical devices and otehr products will be cut off from their natural movement. There are students and others who actually cross the border to shop each day. This will also be disrupted and will likely trigger some backlash as well as economic weakness.

In a series of tweets, Trump brought up the notion of closing gateways to the southern border that as the influx of illegal border crossings was reaching a breaking point. According to sources, 70,000 attempted to cross in February with 100,000 expected to attempt in April. Waves of people who are not vetted will be arriving in America in the coming year but it seems that the Trump administration will fight the Far Left wing of the Democrat party by doing what Obama did, deport them. President Obama deported over 2.8 million people, some of which were criminals. 

The concern for some seems to be Mexican produce as 60% of all Mexican winter produce consumed in the US crosses into the country at Nogales, Arizona. There are now 11,000 to 12,000 commercial trucks crossing the border at Nogales daily with over 50 million pounds of produce that include bell peppers, lettuce, berries, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Trump and his administration said Monday as many as 2,000 US inspectors who screen cargo and vehicles at ports of entry along the Mexican border may be reassigned to help handle the surge in migrants. Currently about 750 inspectors are being reassigned. Now there are members of Congress getting letters from US citizens who are asking to get illegal people deported faster. Border agents made 100,000 arrests and denials of entry in March, and the numbers for all of this activity are now increasing.

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