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Trump Reopens the Immigration Debate – Classiarius Viewpoints

Trump Reopens the Immigration Debate - Classiarius Viewpoints

President Trump spoke to the national and had some interesting compromises for the Democrats to consider with regards to border protection.

President Trump called his plan “straightforward, fair, reasonable and common sense” with “lots of compromise” with some interesting points. He said that his new proposal will have $800 million in “urgent humanitarian assistance” as well as $805 million for “drug detection technology to help secure our ports of entry” and then he will add 2,750 border patrol agents and law enforcement officials. There will also be 75 new judge teams to speed up the process to bring illegal immigrant cases to a conclusion faster than the current process.

The olive branch comes as Trump faces pressure to end partial closures of the US Federal Government. There are some areas of government in which workers are not being paid. Some Democrats and Republicans alike have suggested to the president that he back bills to temporarily reopen the government first then address the border issue.

Democrats noted that the new Trump proposal does not give much certainty to immigrants who, under previously discussed plans, will be legally protected. There are several points in his proposal that state illegal immigrants should be forced to leave the country, while others under the proposal will be allowed to stay and fight their cases.

Some of the pro-Trump conservatives were surprised that the president gave away too much in this new proposal and that he should not be giving in to them at all. Currently, about a quarter of the government is still closed and it is just a matter of time until these areas are reopened.

Here at Classiarius, we give our viewpoints. Allowing immigrants into the US is an idea we call all and do support. This means a safe passage that is monitored.

There will never be a 3,100 mile or 5,000 kilometer wall from coast to coast. However, the most important areas should be patrolled and secured while emphasis should be placed in drugs and human movement. Some people are being smuggled and hurt or even killed in the crossing – “cayotes” as they are called (those who traffic humans), apparently tell people it is easy and they sometimes die from heat as it is a desert region. A comprehensive policy and a safe passage should be where money is spent, and this would include a secure border with capital investment on both sides of the natural and made made barriers. Think about it, people need work, give them work and they will build homes and live where they find it.


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