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Trump: Political Theater, Comedy and General Insanity

Trump: Narcissist, Psychopath or Harmless Loud Mouth?

When leaders meet around the globe, they usually meet, side-by-side and talk for 5 minutes each, then take questions from the press. This allows the leaders to show some kindness by praising each other, and finish meetings at a rapid pace. After all, there are 29 countries at the NATO meeting and time is important. Well, in the world of Donald Trump, time and space are different. Mr Trump took 52 minutes, 39 minutes and 30 minutes along side, NATO Head Mr Jens Stoltenberg, Macron and Canadian PM Trudeau respectively. This type of news conference is not only inefficient but it means that Trump must talk to the press, non-stop for who knows how long. Then one reporter asks Mr Trump about his views on the UK election and Mr Boris Johnson, at which point Trump said he had no view on this subject.

This media blitz by Mr Trump froze Chancellor Angela Merkel out of the frame and kept the attention on himself – as we know, Trump is good at framing the conversation and now in London he is in full stride. British journalists seemed to be enjoying the fireworks while Trump took the time to take shots at the US press. He called out the “Failing” New York Times and the “Amazon Washington Post” and allowed them to ask him several questions. The British were polite saying that this was Trump on his best behavior. What does it look like when he is behaving poorly, one wonders.



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