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Trump Needs a Deal With Kim Jong-un

Trump Makes Promises, But Does He Deliver? (Felix, Possible Video)

The uneasy peace between North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and President Donald Trump will be taken to the next level in Vietnam as the two sit down for their second summit – and expectations are high. Kim wants to bring the two Korea`s under one government, as stated by his father and grandfather but the key will be to convince him that there is no Communist or Socialist future on the peninsula. Kim surely feels that that the more he builds lethal weapons, the more he enjoys security in Pyongyang. His father, Kim Jong-il lived through the 1980s and 1990s, a period that was not kind to dictators, while the Soviet Union collapsed. This surely had an impact on foreign policy for North Korea.

Giving up weapons for the sum of 20 billion dollars of aid might be the right decision for Kim Jong Un. This is just an idea from our team, but think about a situation in which Japan, South Korea, China and the US are all giving financial support to North Korea. He could wipe out poverty, build schools and hospitals for his people who would never go hungry again.

Mr Kim believes that he will be able to hold onto a nuclear and missile development program while the US, Japan and South Korea are demanding for the entire peninsula to go nuclear. There are intelligence reports that say that Mr Kim has already developed dozens of nuclear warheads and they are stockpiled around the reclusive state. 

There are many who believe, we at Classiarius are in this group, that Pyongyang will serve its interests and its nation`s interest by giving up nuclear weapons and ICBMs and in return as for billions of dollars in loans and assistance. The Trump team have openly praised him and suggested that he will have a “Rocket Economy” in the future.

More importantly, a clear reason for holding the summit in Hanoi, Vietnam, is to encourage the Kim regime to become like Vietnam as it is a communist state with an open door to trade with the Europeans and Americans in large amounts of agriculture and even electronics recently. 

The North Koreans want the US to leave South Korea, it is hard to believe that Kim will give up weapons unless that demand is met. 

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