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Trump: Narcissist, Psychopath or Harmless Loud Mouth?

There are people in this world who lack empathy and are looking to exploit others, and while some are born this way, psychopaths, some are created through a lifetime of difficult circumstances, sociopaths, and some chose to act in this way as they are  overtly narcissistic.

While many believe they know or understand famous figures, its clear that the media has a tendency to paint 2 dimensional pictures of a leader that will fit its politically driven narrative. How many times has the media peddled its song and dance that President Donald Trump is a liar, a cut-throat New York real estate broker, or a mentally unstable man who is looking for his next victim.

While we must take into account that succeeding in the New York real estate market is an exercise in applied Darwinism, there is an element of reputational risk at work that underwrites success in any field, and this is a very important component to understand that Trump clearly cannot be the person that the media is trying to paint.

Now it is clear that in most cases we do not even know the narcissist, pathological liar, or psychopath when we meet one.

The National Institute of Health, reports that 6.2% of the population has  Narcissist Personality Disorder, and in that same report, findings point that no more than 5% of people, of 1 in 20 in the US, are pathological liars.

So the key question is how does one detect these personalities, because inevitably, we will encounter these people in our daily lives.

And more to the point, it would be an important piece of information to have gleaned prior to  the 2020 election, and know for certain if Trump  is in fact mentally broken psychopath or just a playful class clown who believes too much in himself.

So to recognize people who suffer from Narcissist Personality Disorder one must understand that these people are hyper driven to maintain the persona that they have constructed for themselves, the “look at me, I am great.” mask they wear in daily life.

People with NPD have an intense focus on their image. They tend to map ridiculous lies to promote that image. Going as far as to affect a fake voice, or other standout accouterments that they can convey with their dress or image.

There are many textbook narcissistic traits that seem simple and forgivable but it should be noted that all are about controlling how a narcissist is viewed by others.

Now the question is, does President Donald Trump an obsessive narcissist, sociopath or psychopath?

Well, most people are not able to tell complete or blatant lies, they tend to bend the truth. The narcissist, on the other hand,  can tell bald faced, flagrant and sometimes elaborate lies without skipping a beat.

And for people who are born with psychopathy, they spend no mental energy (and this can been seen on a brain scan) on covering up the truth as this disorder can mean that in their reality, they do not see lies as lies.

The key to all of this is that for most,  telling grand lies each day stresses people out thus there is the tendency to believe that is also would stress others out as well.

Most fail to recognize pathological liars and psychopaths because people apply their own experience with stress to the situation, when in fact the psychopath and pathological liars have no feelings to hide, they do experience emotional stress when they lie. And this mental aberration is to many, not only very scary but very dangerous when there are people who lack emotional response also are in positions of power.

So what is going on in the Oval Office?

It could be that President Trump and many of the people surrounding him, are people who often stretch the truth and embellish their stories to get things done or to get what they want immediately. As unpleasant as it seems, this type of  personality clearly exists in abundance in the political class.

Now we are told that President Trump is a liar, and sometimes he is even called a rambling idiot. But given that he has been in the public eye for more than 35 years, and was, yes called an ego maniac, but he was never called evil or a liar until he thew his hat into the political arena, was is more likely and probable is that President Trump is an the aggressive personality type  that dominates conversations  and does this to win in confrontations or when negotiating details of a deal?

Trump is unpredictable and aggressive but this personality is surely a useful and effective weapon when facing off the likes of near peer adversaries like Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping or rouge statesmen like Kim Jong-un?

At this time in history, when the world is transiting to a new global norm, America needs this type of leader, yes aggressive and yes domineering, in the White House. But you will never hear this from the MSM.



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