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Trump Fights a New Democrat Party, Pelosi Collapses Under Pressure

Trump`s Pressure on Allies in NATO, Angela Merkel Has a View (article)

Currently, President Trump is taking the media back seat regarding the 2020 Elections, as the far left progressives in the Democrat Party move the entire party from center-left, taking Sanders, Biden, Warren and all other candidates with them. The Democrats are moving so far left that they could, along with AOC and Omar, fall off a cliff.

Image the concern of getting on stage with Donald Trump when the entire party is talking about the fantastic world of Socialism and Trump leans in and says, “Venezuela” to the voting public. The new Democrats who grew up in the US university system in the past decade are now coaching Bernie Sanders on what real Socialism means for the future of American.

Remember in 2016, Sanders was viewed by Clinton as a talking dummy on stage while the main stream of the party saw him as a crazy old man who was living in the 1970s. He was the “left wing nut from the hippy movement” who took drugs while hanging posters of Stalin in his college dorm room. He even spent his honeymoon in the Soviet Union dancing with his comrades and his new bride. He was just a prop to get Hillary Clinton elected. Oddly enough the new freshmen class in congress are so far left, Bernie now seems normal, so the Democrats have serious problems.

One of the most interesting changes with the Democrats is  that Pelosi seems afraid to speak on TV as old school money still rules the party, while Chuck Schumer seems afraid to be on the same stage with the freshmen members of congress. 

The Left is now showing up at rallies with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who is now firing shots at President Trump, as well as former Presidents George Bush and Barrak Obama. AOC is now talking about drone strikes and the victims of Barack Obama, while candidates Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, possibly out of fear and the need to get in front of cameras with the new Democrat Rock Star, smile and shake their heads in approval – they all agree that all former Presidents are part of the problem. She is not taking on Trump but, he is only one man, this young star is taking on patriarchy, as well as all values that the United States holds dear. 

Imagine the fractures, the infighting and splits that take place between now and the next Presidential election. We must ask ourselves is she and the other members of the Justice Democrats trying to subvert the 2020 election for something bigger in the future? This could be the Democrats forcefully changing the old guard, to usher in a new Left that could trigger a political revolution with riots in the streets in 2024. 

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