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Trump and Kim – Who Has The Best Hairdo?

Trump and Kim - Who Has The Best Hairdo?

There are many ways to describe President Trump and Strongman Kim, but cool hairdos are seldom discussed. So a Hanoi barbershop, about 10 customers are getting free Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump hairstyles. Kim is going by train to visit Hanoi, Vietnam, while Trump is flying in from Washington DC. They are not the only ones sporting cool hairstyles as there will be copies walking around the city. The first to step up in the barber shop to choose the cut was a 9 year old boy named To Gia Huy who left the shop with a hairstyle that made him the spitting image of a mini-me version of Kim Jong Un. This young boy was selected, as it turns out, because of his likeness to the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un. He is affectionately called, “Little Un” by his classmates in school.

Despite most of the visitors requesting the Kim Jong Un cut by an overwhelming margin, one motorcycle taxi driver did order the Donald Trump cut. This taxi driver claimed to like the Trump look. The Summit II will take place on the 27 and 28 of February. There are several reasons that Hanoi was selected, one being that it has become the City of Peace for the Far East according to sources. And of course the other is that President Trump feels, with the idea starting with his advisors, that the Vietnam Model of Communism with open markets is the path that is suggested for the future of North Korea. The challenge is to get Kim Jong Un to agree to such a path. Still, he seems to be popular in Hanoi, so look for some locals to be sporting the Kim look for the summit. 

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