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Trump and Kim Part II “Fall In Love” – White House Reports

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un Reaches Out To President Trump

President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un will meet in late February with a location announced at a later date, it was reported by the White House today. This meeting comes after the two met in June 2018 in Singapore. Despite the historic summit, there are still concerns that North Korea is frantically building out its nuclear and ballistic missile systems, something that if proven, will be an embarrassment for the Trump Administration. The White House has pushed Pyongyang to dismantle its nuclear and missile programs but most experts agree that this is the most powerful card in the North Korean hand as missiles have been their negotiating point for over 20 years. Keep in mind that North Korea has fired missiles over Japanese airspace on several occasions triggering diplomatic battles and condemnation from the United Nations.

Under the rule of the more modern and open Kim Jong-un, who was educated in Switzerland, North Korea conducted one of the most powerful nuclear tests, and launched its first-ever intercontinental ballistic missile, even at one point threatening to rain missiles on US bases located in Guam. Since 2011, North Korea has fired more than 85 missiles an conducted four large tests that it claims, and some experts agree, are nuclear by nature. Some have stated that these weapons were dirty bombs and not nuclear weapons. The young Kim Jong-un took over North Korea as the unchallenged ruler. He has fired more missiles than his father, Kim Jong Il and his grandfather, the founder of North Korea combined. The first two Kims ruled the country for 27 years, while the younger Kim has been at the helm for only seven years.

President Trump has made headway but continues to struggle to write up and sign a peace plan with North Korea`s Kim. He did call him “Little Rocket Man” and Kim responded by saying he had a nuclear launch button on his desk. Trump replied with a tweet, “I too have a Nuclear Button, but its bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!”

However, recently, the two leaders have been more conciliatory. They have exchanged letters and Trump has said the two leaders did “fall in love” after exchanging some “beautiful letters” that apparently were solid enough to make progress. Some geopolitical scientists have said that China has been more supportive of the Trump White House with regards to North Korea than in the past.

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