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Trump and Kim – Nuclear Weapons, Economic Incentives – Classiarius Viewpoints

Trump and Kim - Nuclear Weapons, Economic Incentives - Classiarius Viewpoints

(State Department lawyers are in Hanoi, this could mean end-of-war declaration, please read on). 

Here at Classiarius, we like to use historical facts and other references that do not appear in the press to distinguish our viewpoints and product. So as we see the press light up with comments about the US – North Korean Summit in Hanoi, the nuclear component of the talks are now up front and center. Apparently, the US negotiators are not demanding that North Korea agree to disclose a full account of its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs. 

There clearly was a decision to drop this key part of the so-called deal as it seems that North Korea refuses to completely participate in a program that involves Japan, South Korea, the US, Russia and China with a goal to fully integrate North Korea into the world of hard currency nations. In the original statements the disclosure of full, verifiable inspections was a cornerstone, but is no more. This gives us pause and makes us wonder just what to expect in the communique. 

President Trump has stated that “speed is not important” as he heads into nuclear talks with Kim.

So there is now speculation that the North Korea leader, Kim Jong-un might have other concessions for Trump. And the idea that Trump will offer a series of economic support programs and the possibility of trade with North Korea is still part of what many say is a power offer that could be placed on the table at the last minute. The repressive isolated country does seem to have the full weight of China behind it. The two leaders are staying in the Metropole hotel in Hanoi. 

We at Classiarius think that the Trump card, pun intended, will be the offer of fantastic US, Japanese and South Korean economic incentives to bring North Korea and Mr Kim into a new world and a new global order. Trump has continued to say that North Korea “has tremendous economic potential” and this current summit will be equal or greater than the last. 

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