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Trump, AG Barr and the Mueller Report – There is More to Come

Trump, AG Barr and the Mueller Report - There is More to Come

The US discussions on impeachment seem to be growing as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was on US nighttime TV saying that Trump is begging to be impeached – and keep in mind that many of the House freshmen want him impeached as well. Now AG Barr is talking and he is in fact, protecting the US President with some of his comments. This is a bit shocking as the comments between Barr and Mueller have been somewhat toxic as these two titans take jabs at each other. “I think it is important in this period of intense partisan feeling not to destroy our institutions,” Barr told CBC New with Jan Crawford.

There are some comments from Mr Barr that do make sense. The 24/7 attacks on Trump are in our view, fine, as this is a free country and the press can say anything they want. Barr went on to elaborate about his ongoing review of how the FBI investigation began, including what he called “spying” on the Trump campaign, but he backed away and does not agree with the Trump view that the behavior of the FBI amounts to treason. Finally, the comments by Mr Barr were saved for the Mueller Report and what he calls, in very harsh words, a problem of Mueller not using his platform for making a decision on obstruction of justice.

Robert Mueller has said he does not want to testify and that charging Trump is not an option. Mr Barr and Mr Mueller may disagree but the next moves might be a generational issue. The youth of the Democratic Party will be those running the party in 20 years and they might be the ones who decide now, right now, the fate of Trump. Barr, Mueller and Pelosi might be watching from a far. The Far Left of the Democratic Party will flex its muscles in the coming weeks and months.

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