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Trudeau Stands Firm, Refuses to Apologise

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After Jody Wilson-Raybould resigned from her post,  she made allegations that several members of the government, all close to Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, pressured her to back off of  SNC-Lavlin – the reason as some in the press are saying is for deferred prosecution that would be, if true, campaign related. This is of course a serious allegation that seems to be gaining a lot of attention in the Canadian press. In short, there are people supporting Ms Wilson-Raybould who say that they were to turn a blind eye to talk that executives of this firm should be investigated. The PM did speak to some of these people but no one knows exactly what he “suggested” or “demanded” from them. We do know that some political figures use code, and a wink.

The details are coming out and it all leads to election. According to press reports, SNC-Lavalin employees more than 8,000 people in Quebec, an area that is part of the core voter base for electing Justin Trudeau. So any issues in French speaking Quebec could damage the Prime Minister. Clearly the Prime Minister does not want a scandal that could rock the French speaking part of Canada and of course his protected friends.

Mr Trudeau has said that he has been speaking to the attorney-general on a regular basis and that she was allowed to make the decision at a late stage in the legal proceedings, so from his point of view, he is a defender of freedom and rights. Wilson-Raybould resigns over what she called “consistent and sustained” effort by several people who applied ongoing pressure in the case of this firm in Quebec. 

Note that there have been other resignations in relation to this potential scandal but the Prime Minister has only addressed, in one new conference, the component that directly involves Mr Wilson-Raybould. 

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