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Tokyo 2020 Olympics, The Subways At 250% Capacity !!

Tokyo 2020 Olympics, The Subways At 250% Capacity !!

The Greater Tokyo Metro Area has over 35 million people, with trains and subways covering the city like a web. Some major stations have as many as 5 lines running through them with 250,000 passengers per day. To handle the added people traffic for the 2020 Olympics, organizers are using apps, signs, boats and bots to keep the chaos in check – but experts see the inevitable strain coming. We sourced this article from the Japan Times in an article attributed to Alex Barreira.

It is important to note that the summer heat will make the Olympic Games challenging but the notion of getting tickets, finding hotels and transportation is even worse. Professor Azuma Taguchi of Chuo University has studied the Tokyo transportation system and he suggests that this system is now running double the normal capacity and the Tokyo Olympics will likely push the system over its limit. Currently, the Tokyo subway cars are 200 percent of capacity which means that someone can barely read a magazine and at 250 percent of capacity these cars are so tight, one can not move his or her hand.

Keep in mind that the cars are so packed in during the rush hour that there are less commuters in subway cars in winter – thick coats – than in summer. So now there are apps being launched to ensure that those moving around the city will know which areas to avoid in 2020. The city is also using boats around Tokyo Bay to ensure that those moving around town can get there without using the overcrowded subway system. 



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