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The US, Canada and China – Huawei Criminal Charges

The US, Canada and China - Huawei Criminal Charges

The drama that is being generated in the case of CFO Meng Wanzhou continues to peak and now it will spike higher. The US Justice Department filed documents to formally request extradition of the Huawei CFO who is now being held in Canada. Ms Meng was arrested on December 1, while attempting to fly out of Vancouver Canada. China has protested the arrest and detention as well as the extradition of Ms Meng.

According to the Justice Department, Ms Meng was part of a group that was selling stolen secrets to Iran and there are allegations of phone-testing robots and T-Mobile. There is a possibility that she may be transferred to the United States.

There are concerns that wire fraud is involved in the case and that, according to the US Eastern District office, a Hong Kong-based company called Skycom Technologies is part of this wire fraud issue. Doing business with the Islamic State of Iran is of course considered a breach as most countries have backed away from Teheran. Allegedly, Huawei and Meng committed fraud by lying to banks and misrepresenting their relationship to Skycom.

According to reports, some banks involved in transactions severed ties with Huawei over the Iran relationship. The alleged theft from T-Mobile is also factored into the US decision to request Mr Meng be turned over the US officials. Will she come to the US? We will find out in the coming week.

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