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The Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier and the China Trade War

While many TV personalities and so-called news networks point the finger at President Donald Trump for starting a fight with China in which the amount of goods having tariffs attached jumped from $25 billion to $200 and now $505 billion dollars, those who study history and geopolitics know, the US strategy to contain China started not in 2018 but in 1945.  And it goes all the way back to just after WWII  when US general Douglas MacArthur, who was  the allied leader in the Pacific War with Japan ,  referred to Taiwan as an unsinkable aircraft carrier, and did so as an open threat to then Communist China.

From  the dust of the Second World War, the US had set up an aggressive policy to destroy communism and to contain Communist China. The China containment policy is a political term referring to to the stated goal of US foreign policy that aims to diminish economic and political growth – and of course influence – of China in the Far East. The US containment policy is hinged on a strategy called “force projection”

The US has done everything to divide and weaken China and to continue its hegemony in Asia, think about the wars, conflicts and relationships the US has been involved in since 1945.

Have a look at a map of Asia and put a circle around the Korean peninsula, Vietnam (Wars), Taiwan (several conflicts with China) and bases, and port visits – Australia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and now even Vietnam, and you see a perfect barrier near choke points that can, if necessary, cut off China from the world. Some of these bases have been in place since 1945 and the US is increasing them number as well – and this comes at a time while China expands in the South China Sea.

US strategy for that past decade has been to rotate Cold War -era  bases in Europe out, while adding new bases in Asia and it was Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that first explained this during a speech in the region in 2011.

More recently, the Third Taiwan Strait Crisis or the 1995-1996 Taiwan Strait Crisis (there were two before this one), took place when the People`s Republic of China (Communist China) fired missiles in the waters surrounding Taiwan. President Bill Clinton responded by deploying two aircraft carrier battle groups to the coast of China (to protect Taiwan), which humiliated Beijing. This was the largest show of military strength by the US since the Vietnam War. China, as a result, started building a new Navy, the one we see today that gobbles up the “islands” in the South China Sea.

It is clear that President Trump is picking a another fight with China, and this trade war will get much worse before a solution is tabled. But the war of words and the containment strategy has been ongoing for 70 years as the US and China – and now Japan – seek to either expand their influence – as the Chinese do or maintain the status quo  in the region as the US and her allies do.

But nothing President Trump is doing is new under the sun. It is the continuation of a strategy that has been ongoing for decades and will continue into the foreseeable future.  Thanks for watching. And please consider subscribing to Classiarius and also see the website for more informative matieral like this.

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