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The Mueller Report – Russia`s Social Media and Social Power in the US

The Mueller Report - Russia`s Social Media and Social Power in the US

The Mueller Report will now be read and reread by both the Democrats and Republicans and of course each side will interpret it as they see fit, but the facts are not going to change. The Russians have and always will be infiltrating and influencing US elections, now via social media, as they have in the past with US newsprint and Hollywood. The finds of the Mueller report show that the Internet Research Agency (IRA), a Russian government-backed social media troll company and idea generator on the internet.

This firm has far reaching as it has 10s of millions of accounts. It also influenced the US social media world as it controlled Facebook groups such as “United Muslims of America” that had as many as 300,000 followers when it was forced to shut down in 2017.

The Russians have been deeply involved in efforts to influence US society in a system called “active measures” which is a form of psychological warfare that has aa larger budget than normal spying operations. The Russians have a wide range of social media information attacks, and more direct projects that influence Hollywood, and even university professors. But it seems to us here at Classiarius, that both the Democrats and Republicans should step back and see that via “active measures” the Russians influence all elections and have a say in Hollywood and other US cultural institutions.

Back in 1945 when President Truman met Soviet Leader, Josef Stalin, telling Stalin that we had a super weapon and that we would use it. Stalin laughed because he already had the KGB infiltrate the Manhattan Project and take the US atomic weapons plans. The Soviets were already copying these weapons. The point being that the Russians have always been deeply involved in US military organizations and even society in general. We think that Russians approaching Trump was an isolated event when in fact the Russians are active 24/7 in the US in all areas of society.

And finally many of the freshmen congressmen and women are far left as they grew up on US universities that have been strongly influenced by Russia for decades. This is no secret to the US but it is difficult to stop.

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