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The March to June 2018 Pain Window and Increased Activity

The March to June 2018 Pain Window and Increased Activity

Since the start of this platform (please check our March and April video presentations), we have pointed to this March to June period as one of new ideas, new ICOs mixed in with a lot of pain as a `Wild Wild West` type ecosystem and technologies suffer, with the helping hand of regulators, a much needed period of pain, as it moves to maturity. Yes, the 2018 period in the crypto-world looks a lot like the start of that thing called the `internet` in the mid-1990s. June 2018 will be the month of shock and pain. Some ideas from individuals below.

One of the top Blockchain venture capitalists Spencer Bogart says that the increased number of daily uses, practical applications for Bitcoin are increasing. According to Mr Bogart, the names to fade or sell are TRON, IOTA, and NEO, but he likes holding Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin cash and EOS.

Now internally, we have had discussions and have written about new names and technologies in blockchain that will challenge the first wave of coins. We see the recent news of Japanese banks, some of the largest in the world, working with US firms to build ultra-fast products that can handle 1 million transactions per second, with a latency of only 2 seconds, as proof that the core technology in next generation coins and blockchain solutions will change he world. They are more useful and solve the key problems of capacity and latency. Look for more of this type of uber-disruptive systems.

In the coming weeks, we will be analyzing new ideas and placing them on audiovisual presentations – more to come this week and next.

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