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The Macron Revolution in Europe – A Failure?

The Macron Revolution in Europe - A Failure?

The Emmanuel Macron revolution was discussed after his election in May 2017, as he was said to be the next key leader in Europe after Angela Merkel of Germany faded out. However, after two years in his seat, nothing has changed under Macron and he has not built the pan-European platform that he planned. He has made many big promises but there has not be a big push forward after defeating nationalist forces. Macron originally planned to put together a powerful and coordinated Eurozone budget with wide reaching taxation on tech firms.

Note that despite this big picture idea, the President was forced to downsize his vision as Germany, Ireland, Finland and Holland rejected his views.There are some countries in Europe, including Romania, that are frustrated with the Franco-German Alliance and feel that although it is needed, is a bit too powerful at times. The biggest and most bold comment from President Macron was that he told students at the well-known Sorbonne University, that he intends to build a European military force within 10 years.

Mr Macron has made several requests and some are in violation of the treaty, clearly upsetting some of core countries. Macron has worked against the wishes of the UK and Brexit as he has asked to shorten the time extension, asking for six months only until October. He now wants the UK to have less voting power as he does not want the representative to have any power at all. Macron is a young political figure, the youngest French leader ever, but he will likely have less impact on EU politics than he currently thinks.

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