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The French Government Faces a No-Confidence Vote Amid Riots

The French Government Faces a No-Confidence Vote Amid Riots

Lawmakers in France are now standing up and being heard. The left-of-center lawmakers who tabled a motion for a “no-confidence” vote want to make a statement but keep in mind that President Emmanuel Macron has a majority in parliament so it is unlikely that his government falls. The motion is expected to be debated in the usual democratic process at 10:30 on Thursday.

The recent waves of protests from the “gilets jaunes” or the yellow vests was initiated as a small demonstration against a planned fuel tax increase but it soon turned out to be a centrist movement against the government, the middle class enraged about paying taxes and getting little back from the government. Many see taxation as wealth transfer and nothing more. Currently, Marcon and his La Republique En Marche! party enjoys a majority with 577 seats in the house, so there is little chance of an ouster. The motion was tabled against Macron and his government by the French Communist Party, the Socialist Party and the far-left populist movement called France Unbowed or La France Insoumise.

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