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The Dutch Prime Minister is Wrong – This is Bigger Than Trump

The Dutch Prime Minister is Wrong - This is Bigger Than Trump (article)

The European Union, NATO, the World Trade Organization and the United Nations are all massive regional and global efforts that involve people from around the planet and trillions of dollars. Trump cannot get a 100 mile Wall built, so why ask him to get involved in these projects?

We sometimes here those world leaders who spent little time in history classes, attempt to explain current global geopolitical changes in the context of the most recent election, using a time arch of 4 years. Or those so-called leaders who seem to be caught in a 72 hour news cycle because they watch TV. These unlettered and so-called leaders trend to frame discussions in a four year time arch, when in fact “current events” started 25 years ago. An example is the sudden wave of populism spreading across the planet, the resulting elections of powerful individuals in the US, Brazil, Italy, Poland, China (who announced he was President-for-Life), and Russia (again, President-for-Life). But history teaches us that after every Great Depression, or a Great Recession populism and powerful leaders arise – they do not teach you this on BBC, CNN, nor the New York Times as short-term feelings and rage sell better than historical facts.

This brings me to the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte who told CNBC on 24 January, 2019 that the world needs Trump so do not criticize. The Dutch PM seems to confuse both historical facts and cause and effect dynamics as he says that President Trump could be useful in changing the World Trade Organization (WTO) and other institutions, such as the United Nations or the European Union. The kind PM from Holland must understand that these multi-lateral institutions were designed and established in the wake of WWI and WWII. The European Union is breaking apart, like NATO and OPEC (The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Nations), because the forces that built them and kept them together do not exist anymore. NATO is a military complex to prevent the Soviet Union from invading Europe. The Soviet Union does not exist, it collapsed in 1991.

Now it is possible that the Dutch PM wants President Trump to become more involved in European and therefore global politics. But again, the world is changing and the changes are much bigger than Trump (we have audiovisual presentations that state this), and bigger than Europe as well. Think about 1945 to 2010 when the world was driven by the United States and Europe. All global systems, trade and otherwise were driven by the US and Europe. However, the new and renewed powers are Japan and China, South Korea and others in Asia. This shift to Asia is much bigger than Trump, the Dutch PM and all leaders of the European Union combined. Like you and me, Trump is a bystander just watching the geopolitical landscape changing in real-time and slow motion. You know, in 25 and 50 year time archs, not something we would see on TV news or read in the morning newspaper.

Geopolitical scientist often says that the US President, relative to other world leaders, is not as powerful as we think. So to expect President Trump to change the path of the European Union, the United Nations or world power shifting from Europe to Asia is comical. Sure, he can make comments about trade, Iran and a host of other issues but does he really change history or does he watch it unfold?




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