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The Chinese Nationalists – Mao and Xi – Power Until the End

The Chinese Nationalists - Mao and Xi - Power Until the End

When we study the modern history of |China, we see a country that was desperately in need of leadership, especially given the region war lords who roamed the countryside inflicting justice on the masses. From the ranks of the peasants there was one rich kid from a farming family, he became a popular hero, that was Mao Zedong. 

On October 1st, 1949, Mao (he went by one name), the ultimate Chinese nationalist, was focused on making the Chinese people great, and with the help of his Soviet brothers, built industry and an army that sent shock waves through the region. Many Chinese scholars now openly admit that Mao was responsible for the deaths of between 35 and 43 million people, with some of his most loyal supporters saying that “most death tolls are exaggerated, the number was only 27 million.” Because anything over 30 million is unforgivable, right? Mao stayed in power by dismantling anyone who challenged him, he remained in power until his death in 1976. 

While many people are fading away from China`s modern history,  the current leader “Xi” is now coming under pressure. Only a year after naming himself Leader-for-Life, Xi Jinping is overseeing an economy that is experiencing its slowest growth in 30 years, while it fights a protracted trade war with the United States.

Evidence shows that despite putting 1.5 million of his opponents in jail, there is growing discontent with his performance as the economy slows and he does not have a deal in hand with the US. More tariffs could result in more pressure on Xi by the Party elite. Some geopolitical scientists are saying that Xi is preparing for another round of arrests, from his modern-day Red Guards. We at Classiarius believe that Xi will never relinquish power, even if unemployment rises and there is increased social unrest in the Middle Kingdom. The people expect a strong leader.

Xi leads the party and unlike western democracies, the national army, the Red Army, reports into the Communist Party and its Head, Mr Xi, surely not to the government. The Party leadership controls that entire military.

So as the economy slows and fractures appear in the Chinese system, Xi will tighten his grip and in the end the economy will struggle forward.

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