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Teenage Climate-Change Protestors Do Not Understand Why They Protest

Teenage Climate-Change Protestors Do Not Understand Why They Protest

At Classiarius, we have a solution to the Climate Change debate. Round up 10 countries and 25 universities within those countries, give them one billion dollars (peanuts when looking at the budgets of major countries), an give them a year with the project, have them come back with science and facts. Then we discuss those findings – but it must be fact based. Please continue…

We actually know two key points about Climate Change. First is that if we as a species damage and destroy our planet, we have only one, future generations will pay the price. Second, global warming specifically and the research it needs is far more complex so saying the world will end in 12 years it surely not the right approach to getting the masses to support your cause.

There are new groups around the world  that support climate change and one is called The Extinction Rebellion which is an umbrella term for the climate change protestors who are reaching out to a global audience. These organizations are bringing school children out into the streets to protest climate change but when they are asked about this complex subject, most of these children do not have a clue, they are simply protesting because their teachers tell them to do so.

We as a species are predisposed to leap before we look. This is the way our brains are designed, people like to agree with the masses. These children though, are not able to appreciate the just how important out actions are with regards to the future of our planet so does it make sense to teach them first?

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