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Tech – “Killer Robots,” Creating Monsters

Tech - "Killer Robots," Creating Monsters

One of the pioneers A.I. is now saying that he is worried about some important technologies getting into the wrong hands – the result would be dangerous monsters that include Killer Robots. Mr Yoshua Bengio is now worried that innovation that he helped pioneer could be used for such purposes – and he is clearly supports regulation before something bad happens.

He said, “we need to pursue scientific knowledge, or all we will do is run against a wall. But we need to do it wisely.” The Canadian gave his views while sitting in his small office in the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms. Mr Bengio has made a lot of friends in the world of A.I. but seems to be focused on research of machine learning and the structure of the human brain – he wonders how learning can be copied. 

Imagine a machine that learns to learn and then just goes off on its own. A scary thought. 

Mr Bengio is a professor of Computer Science at the University of Montreal, is drilling down in an area called deep learning. This is teaching machines to learn in a way that mimics the human brain – and it seems that the professor is alarmed at what he now knows that machines are capable of or in the very least, what machines can do if they are put in the hands of bad actors. 

Mr Bengio carried out his post-doctorate work at MIT and Bell Labs, but still enjoys spending time with students who he calls his family. He has also spent time doing research at McGill University with research in studying the human bring which he believes will unlock and support understanding of machines. According to the professor, machines can learn tasks on their own by analyzing vast pieces of data.

He is unimpressed by prizes but his work has turned him into an A.I. superstar. This article was sourced from a piece by Dan Belefsky, Profile Montreal. 

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