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Successful Launch for Space X – Elon Musk is on Fire !

Successful Launch for Space X - Elon Musk is on Fire !

One discussion that seems to be getting less coverage is the Space X Falcon Heavy rocket booster, now that most powerful rocket in the world, developed by Elon Musk and his team. Last week, the Space X team launched a rocket and not only did it recover all boosters for financial efficiency purposes, but the rocket also landed on a platform floating off the coast. These rockets are much different in that they use materials that are reusable and they are clearly easy to control – so they perform like machines that lift off and then land.

The successful launch was loud enough to trigger car alarms in the area. The systems that Musk is using are all designed to increase profitability and build a launch business that is a new leader in the space race. The Falcon Heavy carried Arabsat-6A which is a new satellite that is for the Saudi Arabian government and is a state-of-the-art communications satellite.

After the rocket`s boosters safely landed on Earth, it was clear that Musk has done something that no other private company has done in this sector. The launch took place from Launch Complex 39A at NASA Kennedy Space Center via a Space X live stream launch.

The Falcon Heavy is much different than the Falcon 9 rocket as it is the most powerful (operational) rocket currently in existence. Mr Musk has, over the years, re-engineered rockets for NASA and has now reached a new level in his business. The current rocket can lift 141,000 lbs into orbit, more than double the Delta IV Heavy, the next most powerful operational vehicle.

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