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Our Diet Has Too Much Plastic, WWF International Study

Study - We Eat Plastic, WWF International

Guess how much plastic you are eating each week?

Now researches have moved past the plastic in oceans and fish consumption and right to our dinner tables. From the AFP-Jiji Paris, and sourced from the Japan Times in Tokyo, researches have done a global study that suggests every human on the planet is eating about 3 grams of plastic each day, about the amount of plastic in a credit card.

This comes to about 250 grams per year and the sources of this plastic is not only from tap water and especially bottled water, but it comes from shell fish and other sources as well. Do you drink bottled water? Well you are unknowingly consuming large amounts of microscopic plastic and it is only increasing. Current studies show that by 2025, for every 3 metric tonnes of fish in the ocean, there will be one metric tonne of plastic.

It gets worse. Recent studies have shown that fish, in the deepest parts of the Pacific Ocean, have trace amounts of plastic while even snow in the very highest part of the French Pyrenees has been infected with this man-made toxic material. Plastic is now found everywhere and we as a firm have been using reusable packages for shopping and at the same time, fading away from straws. More on this topic in the coming weeks. 



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