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Spying on US Elections – Trump Turns the Tables

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Spying on a political campaign is a big deal according to Attorney General Barr, and he said that the Justice Department will look into the origins of the Russian probe – because it makes sense that these accusations came from somewhere, and the source will be exposed. Imagine if President Trump was the source? or If the Democrats and Hillary Clinton were the source of the original claims. There are so many possibilities. This article was sourced from a CNBC piece by Kevin Breuninger, keep reading please. 

AG Barr has come under fire from Democrats for his handling of the yet-to-be-released 400-page document that has more details of the US Presidential campaign in 2016, some Dems still believing that Russian intelligence agencies were in contact with Trump and his family and friends.

However, the AG and Mueller did not suggest that this was the case. In fact, the AG claims that Trump was contacted many times by the Russians but he refused any contact with them. 

Now that the AG and Assistant AG said that there is not evidence of collusion and obstruction of Justice, there are more Republicans now asking for another investigation that would find the sources of the false accusations – who in fact planted information that said the Trump campaign was involved with Russian intelligence services. 

AG Barr is now moving the investigation to a new level, suggesting that spying on a Presidential campaign is a big deal. The Russiagate investigation seems to have turned over other evidence in which 

Trump in fact, might go on the offensive in the nest stage of Russiagate. 

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