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South Korea – Director Bong Joon-ho Wins Top Prize at Cannes

South Korea - Director Bong Joon-ho Wins Top Prize at Cannes

The Cannes Film Festival had 21 entries this year and it was Mr Bong Joon-ho from South Korea who took home the Palme d`Or price with the second place prize going to Matings Drop who brought in an interesting topic in the Franco-Senegalese production about men leaving to cross the sea to Europe and leaving their wives behind. Mr Bong called his production “Parasite” which touched on the subject of real life stories in which one, a wealthy woman talks about her art collection and her very smart son, speaking non-stop about herself and family. 

One story that Mr Bong captures is about a family living in a small one room apartment and they are trying to capture wifi from their neighbors. His stories are real and capture the current lives of many around the world. Mr Bong says he likes movies that have deep political message but he would rather mix humor into a movie to give it meaning. Note that Mr Bong was given a prize in 2017 at Cannes when he produced a Netflix piece called Okja.

One setback this year as there were only 4 women directors in the field of 21 who present works. This was a serious issue as many felt that women were not represented in the field as well as it should have been. The actress Emily Beecham won best actress after staring in Little Joe about a botanist who starts to have doubts about her latest genetically modified creation. Some movies had a political message and one director asked that President Macron of France watch a submitted movie about demonstrations in Paris and across France. 

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